Of blood, I am most recently from the Midwest, settled onto the ancestral lands of the Calumet people. And before them, from the lands of Poland, Croatia, and Ukraine. I belong by adoption to the Briton and Germanic peoples, and I’ve been learning about my bloodlines and adopted genealogies and heritages for over a decade.

Currently I live on the ancestral lands of the Multnomah, Clackamas, and Tualatin Kalapuyan peoples of Chinook nation- the lands of the salmon, cedar, camus, huckleberry, acorn, and so many more beings. Here, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, I inhabit a small home on the edge of a woods with my wyld neighbors.

On the edge

I share land-tending on a seven-acre project committed to equity, justice, regenerative culture, and spiritual expression. Our project has two collectives, one for cis- folk primarily of European descent, and one for indigenous people, people of color, and trans folk. Here together, we tend gardens, goats, and each other, through a lived promise of learning how to enact solidarity and work through internalized patterns of oppression.

Over the last thirty years I have studied political movements, comparative religion, cultural anthropology, systems thinking, trauma-counseling, group and interpersonal conflict transformation, the histories of oppression, survivor advocacy, witchcraft, magic, and ritual.

Tatras Mountains, Poland 2017

My learning path includes formal university, Bolad’s Kitchen, the Reclaiming Tradition, continuing educational programs, and life as an out cisqueer-femme, raised working-poor, white-privileged, and disabled edge-walker. I am most grateful for all of my teachers with whom I’ve studied, learn from every person (human and beyond) I meet, and am committed to a humble wisdom path.

I completed an ancestral healing practitioner training with Daniel Foor, and am now a certified practitioner of this modality within a collegial network of about fifty other practitioners. I have a private practice and montly group practice circles for clients and students from the courses I offer from time to time.

Currently I earn my livelihood as a group process facilitator, conflict worker, ritual priestess, spiritual advisor, consultant, and educator through a series of courses, programs, trainings, and mentorships about content at the intersection of radical political history/engagement and animist spiritual connection. See more here (while the website is migrating).