Ancestral healing

Shrine to the Blessed Mother, Poland- 2017

We all have wise and loving ancestors who seek to be in connection with us to help transform inherited hardship, suffering, and trauma into healthful life force to help us live out our gifts.

Ancestral lineage repair is a form of ancestral healing which is: fully consensual, client empowered, and a template upon which the client’s spiritual life may live.

Ancestral connection with the well-in-spirit guides helps you to discover heritage insights, reclaim a sense of belonging, release old patterns informed by lineage burdens, and receive the blessings of your peoples.

Together, in a ritual container, beginning with the skills of grounding, creating spiritual protection, and dropping into intuition, I’ll guide you through the lineage repair steps, and support you in your own journey of discovery.

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***This modality, or approach, powerful just as any prayerfulness or ceremony, is not a substitute for other kinds of medical or psychological health care. Ancestral healing is one part of a fuller sustenance needed by most people. Often-times the benefits of taking in a body-level lineage blessing has immediate aftereffects for a client. It is still important to maintain and seek out supplemental care for a holistic, personal wellness and resiliency plan, as the willingness to inquire about and explore ancestral burdens can bring up subterranean elements of life.


I support a diverse clientele, and many people seek understanding and clearing about:

  • The wounds of lived material poverty, ancestral poverty, chronic poverty stress, and internalized capitalism.

  • The wounds of fundamentalism, persecution, marginalization, and dehumanization.

  • The wounds of disconnect from the Earth and loss of intimacy with the web of life, and grief and rage about planetary destruction.

  • The wounds of colonization, conquest, war, displacement, assimilation, loss of cultural intactness and home.

  • The wounds of racism and ethnic othering, historical enslavement, and still existing purposeful barriers to power, safety, and resources.

Whether you or your people are/were the receivers or actors of these kinds of wounds, connecting with your lineages will support you to access information and guidance to be able to metabolize the complexity, and transform the trauma into nourishment and empowerment.

Rites of Passage

  • Abortion and miscarriage, menarche and birth, menopause

  • Death and dying

  • Recovery and sobriety

  • Trauma and abuse survivorship

  • Unions and disolutions, relation-shifts

  • Courting connection with the web of life and relating to the place you live-inviting belonging

Currently, I’m especially courting clients of this type:

  • Folk of all gender, and especially men or people with access to male privilege interested in healing patriarchal gender violence-personal and/or cultural.

  • Folk who identify as witch/mystic/heretic, who are interested in healing the purposeful attempt to eradicate magic made manifest through colonization and capitalism.

  • Folk who will not have children and who want to eventually connect with blood ancestors who also did not have children.

  • Folk of European descent aka white folks who want to examine ancestral anti-racism work through lineage repair.

  • People who feel lonely, unworthy, anxious, depressed, resigned, fatigued, on the edge, in the underworld- who want some possible comfort, nourishment, respite, care, thru companionship with your people.