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Portland Daylong: Prayer, Protection & Ancestral Healing

Here in the dreamtime, in the liminal, your ancestors await you. There is a mutually beneficial relationship to be cultivated with the well-ones, in this time of confronting injustice, the move toward liberation, and a return to honoring the cycles of life-death-rebirth. This work will change you and in turn change the world.

Spaces are limited, please register soon.

Welcome & Grounding Into Prayer and Protection

What are the elements of prayer? How do we conjure meaningful and heartfelt prayer, alone, and together? How do we drop into our bodies, and set and hold effective boundaries in spirit-work? Why would we need to do that? Directing one’s will, managing one’s energy body, and asserting energetic autonomy spirits are foundational skills to lineage repair work. Learn and share, experiment and practice with presence, intuition, and centering.

Casting the Circle & Lineage Assessment Trance

Opening with prayers, and then layered up in ritual protection we cast the circle for the work with our own intentions. Then, I’ll share more about what makes an ancestor an ancestor, and the five steps of the lineage repair process (we will do #1 and #2 in the program), and the relationship your ancestors have to inter-generational patterns of all kinds. Sitting in ritual center, we’ll embody trance to assess the state of each of the four primary lineages. We’ll note the levels and places of impact, and reinforce boundaries, and clear our space.

Brown Bag Lunch

Calling to the Well-Guides & The Body-Level Blessing

Beginning with ritual setup, we’ll talk about how to consider which lineage to begin with. After dropping in, and layering up with ritual protection, we’ll trance journey to meet with a well-guide of that lineage, and we’ll ask some questions to ensure they are the right one for you. With intuited appropriate respect, you’ll ask that guide for a body level blessing and any other information for you to follow up on after the session. We’ll have time at the end to come back well, and witness.

Onward the Path & Gratitude

Ritually gathering ourselves, we’ll talk about how to anchor the healing work into your life by working with the information about your gifts and strengths, and also the burdens of your lineages. Divination, altar-tending, and offerings are three ways. We’ll close the program with time for other questions, and a gratitude prayer.

Optional but with rsvp:
Facilitated grief/fury ritual in the 30 person cob sauna.
Clothing optional, bring a towel to sit on and a water bottle.

Energy Exchange:

Sliding Scale: $135

If this is prohibitive, please get in touch at:

about what kind of exchange would make this possible for you. I’m committed to the sacred conversation about exchange and access. Also note: if you get two people to sign up for the program, you receive the program as a gift.