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Free Virtual Talk: Ancestor Healing & Calling Ourselves Home

We all have wise and loving ancestors. Who almost certainly- in their own ways, had lives of nourishing relationship with the world, and who regarded all life’s beings: stones, clouds, insects, whales- as also being persons.

This introductory talk will cover some about animism, the difference between unwell ghosty dead, and those who have been ancestralized, and about ways to connect to our well-guides.

Because in doing so, the strength of the lineage lends itself to the healing of the troubled dead. Learn to transform your ancestral burdens, and traumas of all kinds, into blessings. These blessings resource our lives to be in our integrity and in right relationship with the web of life. The world needs us to belong.

Talk includes: part you receiving my words, and part us talking and sharing Q & A.

Looking forward to sharing the time together. We’ll open with a prayer at 9:05. You’ll want to test your Zoom technology prior to the talk.

Preregistration required.