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Beyond Bleeding: ancestral healing for those in the midst of the change

Beyond Bleeding: ancestral healing for those in the midst of the change


Rhythms. Bodies. Power.

The cessation of menstruation changes everything.
Together, with the aid of the loving ancestors and other sacred beings and helpful powers, we'll create a ritual container to hold the potency of spiritual discussions on the questions:
How do you experience this...change- what is hard, what is great?
What questions might you hold, what support might you wish to call in for yourself, and what wisdom have you gathered to share?
What did the bodies of our ancestors learn in their rites, and how shall we recover that in trance, dream, and oracle with our wholly woven ancestors, for our shared pathway into and through the potent descent into the Underworld of the Holy Dark?
How do we leverage the power of this rite of passage as healers and warriors for the well-being of the living world and all the ones to come?
Calling Ourselves Home through ancestral recovery and re-connection is possible and desirable for guidance and support in exploring these questions within a ritual container, and an
unsettling-learning lens.

Join me in guided pursuit of how to being to reweave yourself into the ancestral kinship of your people, and with the aid of the well ones, help the spiritually degraded ones to become whole again. Recover non-appropriative pathways to corporeal, animist, prayer-ways. Receive individual guidance in ancestral council for informed decision-making. Re-enliven in the blessings of your people so that belonging may be a rootedness which may conjure what you and the world need for liberation, justice, and healing.

This particular offering is for people whose bodies have menstruated and are/have ceased menstruation due to biological menopause. I support all-gendered people in having spaces to explore unique qualities of life, pathways, biological shifts, magics, and more. I offer this with open-ness to learning how to ask for my own desire in the most respectful way.


Four 3-hour calls, every two weeks, simultaneously in-person at rain's home & over zoom video

Wednesdays: July 24, August 7, August 21, September 4

5-8pm PT (8-11pm ET)


Sliding scale $120-300