Equinox Full Moon Story&Ritual

Equinox Full Moon Story&Ritual

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An Equinox Full Moon Storytelling and Ritual

Calling Ourselves Home & rain crowe 
March 21          6-9pm

the everything space: abenaki land aka montpelier

******* note: this event has been cancelled *******

rain regrets that her physical health is not sturdy enough to come and offer this 3-hour ritual, and apologizes for any inconvenience.

You are cordially invited to join rain crowe and friends for this evening of circle, story, sound, movement, & intention. We'll begin with some grounding and centering and then enjoin and enweave in a story. This story will be a prayer and a spell for community resilience in these uncertain times of converging crises. It begins with a disenchantment from the path of right relationship to the web of life, and how that terrible wound was carried across a sea and planted within the bodies and spirits of people here and far, and how the great yearning for a return comes with hard truths and a need to be willing to reckon and repair, and concludes with the mighty and unavoidable incentive of leaving a living world for the ones yet to come with resolve to the pathway toward justice, healing, and liberation.
Disenchantment- Intergenerational wounding- Complicity in the reproduction- Waking to reckon, repair, regnerate- Home and belonging- Mending the fabric of the village- Struggling to find the true adversary- Re-enchanting to a great song of the World- Sourcing woven-ness-Loving what can be loved- Choosing to come to the council-table of Life with right sized presence

It will be an honest, heart-held, spirit spoken sharing about how some of this has come to be, how it could be different, and how our wise and shining ancestors may help us in the journey of dismantlement of empire culture and the regeneration of earth cultures. After the circle and story-ing, we'll warm up our bodies and voices and share in a fully explained, improvisational, vocalized and movement-full moon ritual to lift up our intentions for:

visioning community resilience  + finding common cause + choosing to return to interdependence + well-ancestor blessings
in this Equinox-tide of dynamic equilibrium, in this not-quite-steady state, this dance between the Sun and the Earth, we find balance through attention


Sliding scale: $7-22 : no one turned away for inability to contribute. 
All genders, ancestries, ages, abilities welcomed into a safer-braver consentual space for personal magic in a strongly held togetherness. 

The Everything Space is atop two flights of stairs, if you need assistance please contact us.
Spaces are limited, pre-registration is encouraged.


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