Longing to Belong: Portland OR

Longing to Belong: Portland OR

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Longing to Belong: an unsettling journey
A Refugia Village Mystery School offering

November 15-17, 2019
Portland, OR
ancestral lands of the Tualatin Kalapuya of the Chinnook Nation

Friday 6-9pm

Saturday 9:30a-6pm

Sunday 9:30a-5pm

sliding scale $200-400

Dinners included

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A facilitated ritual learning container for the conjuring of enduring questions about home, people, place, history, identity, and belonging. Participants call upon a sensorial willingness to explore with vulnerability response-ability & compassionate courage; to wonder aloud and to contemplate in connection to the well-in-spirit, wise and loving ancestors.

Picking up from the conclusion of the BTNE, with the exportation of the historical trauma of capitalism and white supremacism across the seas, oppression through dehumanization, further divides of identity continue immense and lethal harm. Institutional, historical gaslighting and an estrangement of lived solidarity with the world and all beings creates confusion about and obstacles to reparation, reconciliation, and redemption. The reproduction of empire-orientation, internalized and externalized continues to cause widespread harm to the earth and the web of life.

This working offers a template for sacred conversation about the inheritance of empire-orientation: a Council in which to:

notice the impluse of the ‘need to know/solve/fix’ and recognize that as a symptom of colonized thinking &
to court mysteries & bestow blessings as one explores their own position, relative to: life, times, ancestries, and cultures.

Guided and personally intuitive spiritual echo-location will support “staying with the trouble”, as we greet a shame-superiority shadow cycle with rooted resilience. Expect feelings to arise and know that together we will,

Create a clear and sturdy magical container together, and consent to agreements for a safer-braver space to make non-intentional mistakes within, and to move with those mistakes in a way which befits the call to show up for good work in these days.

Part, ritual working, part history lesson, part sacred activism, and part ancestral recovery and reconnection:
including games, artwork, movement, trance, partner work, journaling. All forms to allure us into simultaneous inquiries borne of intuition, and with delight in serving the complexity as what will be wholly unique emerges.

Included in your registration:
Free one hour video talk: Introduction to ancestral recovery, reconnection, and healing
Calling council, sacred conversation template
Two-and-a-half day guided and co-created ritual container
Two dinners

Content will include:
The Foundation and Firmament: the story-told arc of the working
And questions about settlerism, white supremacism, anthrocentrism, land & belonging, harm, call-out & accountability, solidarity & accompliceship, resilience & the body, reparations & reconciliation, calling & the time of extinction, kinship & the ancestors.

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