Portland: Burning Times Never Ended

Portland: Burning Times Never Ended

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The Burning Times Never Ended: Remembering Resistance and the Story of Disenchantment

Part history lesson, part mytho-poetic storytelling, part Shadow* spell-working, part ancestral recovery, part choose your own adventure strategy session for the times we are in and the times to come- this course is in its sixth year with over 1500 people having attended.

This course is for: witches, healers, warriors, queerfolk, nonbinary folk, outlaws, rebels, fae, clowns, heretics, feelers, thinkers, those with a willingness to learn and to share what has been learned, those who have unearned privilege, those who feel broken or lost without understanding how possibly come, and especially those who want to begin to un-spell the ensorcellment of power-over and disenchantment by practicing subversive magic for perilous times.

October 3-6, Tryon Life Community Farm, Portland, OR

There is lodging available on-site, included in the price.

Begins: Thursday October 3, 9am - Ends: Sunday October 6, 4pm

Sliding scale: $225-450 (includes lodging and dinners)

Location: Tryon Life Community Farm, Portland OR

sliding scale:
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