individual Sessions

The first session is always ninety minutes, and includes a brief intake to gather relevant information, a supported drop into a light-deep state of trance grounded in the body, layering up on ritual protection, and then ritually facing the four primary lineages to ‘get a read’ on one of those which may be chosen to travel to search/be found by a well-guide.

Follow up sessions are usually sixty minutes and deepen into the blessings and burdens, the establishment of a prayer container for the unwell, and the continuation of the steps. I require one individual initial session before clients are invited to join the virtual and in-person circles.


Initial 90 minute session- part of the four or eight-session package.

60 minute follow up session- $75-50

First time client four-session package (One 90 minute and three 60 minute sessions)- $250

First time client eight-session package (One 90 minute and seven 60 minute sessions)-$450

rain’s house at the south end, autumn 2018

rain’s house at the south end, autumn 2018

If these rates are prohibitive for you, please reach out through email. I’m committed to having this work be accessible through easeful, conversational negotiation about reciprocity and energy exchange for all people who wish to whole-heartedly pursue this pathway of ancestral recovery and reconnection. Let’s talk about what could be possible.

Sessions are available in person at my SW Portland office, over the telephone, or by Zoom video (free to download).

You can schedule a free 15 minute consultation at any time.

group work

Once we have had the initial session, if you’d like to join for monthly Portland/virtual-distance group circles you are welcomed to do that.

As a group- we connect, set the container, drop into trance-guided by myself, and then each person endeavors on your own journey with your seeking your guides/interacting with your guides. We will do this for two to three rounds, with optional sharing in between, and then close the ritual and deliver the offerings we’ll make in our time together.

Group work is also a way to meet others in the area/involved in the work who are leaning in to seek guidance and to be resourced in their lives.

Rates for a two-hour group session are sliding scale and registration in advance is required. To stay updated on group times and all other of my offerings, sign up for the monthly newsletter.

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