What if?

  • I’m adopted? … I believe all your ancestors will find you if you are open to that happening. Time and space are different in trance and what is possible is expansive. Each adoptee’s way of being with the work is distinct, and many will find that there are two sets of ancestors to engage with, however our work will begin with blood lineages. Having relationship with your ancestors is deeply personal and there is no wrong way to approach this in our sessions.

  • I struggle with trance?… Trance is also different for every person: rhythm works for some, silence for others.  Some people need to move or to be still, some need very few prompts and others want more spoken guidance. As in any consensual relationship, through dialogue and gesture, we’ll sort out what helps you relax, feel protected, and stay tethered to the session. Think about what already helps you relax, what helps you get a little fuzzy around the edges-receptive? To drop into your body, to sense the subcurrent of mood, energy, your intuition? What helps you to ground? Images? Smells? The more you can tell me about yourself and trance, the more I can support you dropping in with ease. Sometimes, the fear of losing control is an obstacle. Feeling safe enough, because no magic is ever one-hundred percent ‘safe’, helps to relax. What helps you feel safe enough?

  • I’m not sure I believe in prayer or magic or that this will work?… You don’t need to believe in, or have a relationship to, prayer or magic, although I will in our sessions. What has supported many others with this question, is in opening to connection with your ancestors, and to suspending disbelief. You do not have to believe in something for it to affect or change you. Of importance to me, is that you feel the body-level blessings of your people and in turn are resourced to live a life worth living, and become a well ancestor in your time.

  • I’m overwhelmed with the feelings and experiences of making connection?… It is always a possibility when we allow ourselves out of the cages of repressed authenticity, or are exposed to understanding some tiny bit of mystery, or face some uglybeauty things which require our attention, that we will get cracked open. I help every client to do two things: articulate a self-designed care and resiliency plan, and amplify the self-possessed confidence in their own ability to stay centered in any emotional/psychological/spiritual turbulence. Learning to stay well-boundaried with the spirits, and negotiate how much and when, are critical skills I’ll help you learn/develop/enhance.

  • My recent and/or far-off ancestors were oppressors and I have grief/shame/hate/resistance about that?… Oppressor/oppressed identity is real. All lineages have histories of giving/receiving harm, somewhere in them. I believe there really is no place for purity, or trauma-induced ‘in the box’ thinking in any of my work, only managing the complexity-which can be turbulent. Ritually working with the grief, shame, rage, trauma, accountability, forgiveness, redemption- and all the shadowy and promising bits is part of the journey of belonging. Reckoning with any of your unearned privilege and power is part of the cultural ancestral work. Denial, resistance, and fragility are learned responses and are rooted in an imagined fear for safety. Where there is fear, there is power. Facing the stories and claiming our people- dead and ancestor has an effect not only on your life, but all life. Understand that ancestors change too. They are not frozen into who they were upon death and your willingness to belong to them, with wise and loving aid, will help them. The world needs us to reroot.